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File Format
Name StegoMagic
Released 2005
For another format with that name, see StegoMagic (MrMugiwara).

StegoMagic by Anoop.S., Shibin.K., Varun Suresh and Vivek.K.P is a Win32 steganography program that allows the hiding of files in 256 color or 24-bit BMP, WAV or text files.

  • DES encryption
  • Data must be 1/8 the size or less of the host file (except for text, which has no limit)

Text encoding is done by taking 3 bits at a time and converting it into spaces equal to its decimal equivalent after putting a tab. If line length > 80 go to next line. (This is similar to the SNOW/stegsnow algorithm)

WAV encoding uses the LSB of left and right channel, but is spread out to use the entire file

24-bit BMP uses LSB encoding similarly to the WAV encoding

256 color BMP reduces the palette to 128 colors so each color occurs twice, then data is encoding by choosing the first or second color of a pair.


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