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  • Nobody who contributes here can ensure beyond a reasonable doubt that you will be able to use or convert to/from a given format.
  • We just document the mess, we didn't make it (except those of us who did; you know who you are).
  • Documentation is always incomplete and the real world changes quickly, and that goes double for file formats.
  • If your favourite piece of knowledge about an obscure format is missing, it is because you didn't add it yet.
  • Keep backups!

ArchiveTeam disclaimer

  1. We are NOT the internet archive.
  2. We aren’t responsible for your SSD or eMMC getting damaged during a warrior run due to using all the limited RW cycles. We also aren’t responsible for dither damaged media due to overuse or cycles. Please learn chemistry about your drive.
  3. We aren’t responsible for the data you pick up when running warrior. Not our fault, not your fault.
    1. We aren’t responsible for you picking up a virus during a warrior run and it ruining your life due to that.
    2. We aren’t responsible for you getting arrested by accidentally downloading child pornography or any other illegal materials in your country, as currently, there are no laws concerning unintentional archival or crawling of the data. Luckily methods to detect this locally prove unethical due to the code of human rights. To prevent a possible possibility of an arrest, disable the cloud backup of ArchiveTeam Warrior data and avoid giving access to your computer to other people unless absolutely necessary. All data will get deleted and overwritten by new data after the warrior uploads this data. If you find out that CP was accidentally archived, let it be. Navigate away and forget about it. Reporting it might ruin a Warrior user’s life and possibly cause them to take their own life due to prison.
    3. We aren’t responsible for getting horrified or any other negative feeling due to shock media, gore, rule 34 and 28 art, or anything else by peeking in a warrior capture.
    4. We aren’t responsible for damages caused by any cognitohazards or infohazards (if they exist online) like SCP-096 images if he was real.
  4. Please keep thermal stuff in mind. You will be responsible if your house burns down due to a drive or CPU or RAM catching on fire.
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