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File Format
Name Photoshop Text Engine Data
Released 1998

Photoshop Text Engine Data (also called EngineData) refers to a data format primarily used as a component of Adobe Photoshop PSD format. It is presumably used for the editable text elements.

Format details

The format looks a little like PDF, but only a little. It uses "<<" and ">>" to delimit hierarchical data structures. Keywords are introduced by a "/" character. Examples of keywords are "EngineDict", "ResourceDict", and "ParagraphRun".

Although it is a text-based format, it contains text in multiple incompatible character encodings (perhaps ASCII and UTF-16), so it may require special tools to properly view and edit.

The format can be found in at least two different places in a PSD file:

  1. In a tagged block whose key is "Txt2"
  2. In a descriptor item whose key is "EngineData"

See the PSD specification for an explanation of these terms.


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