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Netpbm (originally named Pbmplus) is an open source image processing toolkit, originally released in 1988. It has its own native image file formats: PBM/PGM/PPM/PNM and PAM.

It includes a library, and a collection of utility programs. Relevant to file formats is its extensive suite of image format conversion utilities, which convert various formats to or from one of its native formats. Most of the utilities are self-contained, with only a few common third-party libraries (libtiff, libjpeg, libpng, zlib) required by some utilities.

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Format cross-reference

Read util. Write util. Description and remarks Refer to
pbmto10x Gemini 10x printer graphics
411toppm 411 (Sony Mavica) Sony Mavica 411
pbmto4425 Display PBM image on AT&T 4425 ASCII terminal with gfx chars
ppmtoacad AutoCAD database or slide DXB, AutoCAD Slide
ppmtoapplevol Apple volume label image Apple volume label image
asciitopgm ASCII character graphics ASCII Art
pbmtoascii ASCII graphic ASCII Art
ppmtoascii ASCII graphics with ANSI terminal color control ASCII Art, ANSI Art
atktopbm pbmtoatk Andrew Toolkit raster object CMU Andrew Toolkit image
avstopam pamtoavs Stardent AVS image AVS X image
pbmtobbnbg BBN BitGraph graphics
bioradtopgm Biorad confocal image BioRad confocal image
bmptopnm ppmtobmp Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file BMP
brushtopbm Xerox doodle brushes Xerox Doodle brush
cameratopam raw camera image Cameras and Digital Image Sensors
cistopbm pbmtocis Compuserve RLE image CompuServe RLE
cmuwmtopbm pbmtocmuwm CMU window manager format CMU Window Manager bitmap
ddbugtopbm Palm DiddleBug image Diddle sketch, DiddleBug sketch
pnmtoddif DDIF DDIF
DjVu RLE format DjVu
pbmtoepsi encapsulated Postscript preview bitmap Encapsulated PostScript
pbmtoepson Epson 9-pin printer graphics Epson Printer Bitmaps
escp2topbm pbmtoescp2 Epson ESC/P2 printer graphics Epson Printer Bitmaps
eyuvtoppm ppmtoeyuv Encoder/Berkeley YUV format
fiascotopnm pnmtofiasco Fiasco (wfa) highly compressed format FIASCO
fitstopnm pamtofits FITS format Flexible Image Transport System
fstopgm pgmtofs Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format FaceSaver
g3topbm pbmtog3 Group 3 FAX CCITT Group 3
gemtopnm pbmtogem GEM .img file GEM Raster
giftopnm pamtogif GIF GIF
pbmtogo GraphOn graphics
gouldtoppm Gould scanner file
hipstopgm HIPS format HIPS
hpcdtoppm Photo CD
Photo CD
ppmtoicr NCSA ICR graphics ICR (NCSA Telnet)
pbmtoibm23xx IBM 23XX printer stream
ilbmtoppm ppmtoilbm IFF ILBM ILBM
imgtoppm Img-whatnot Img Software Set
infotopam Amiga .info icons Amiga Workbench icon
jbigtopnm pnmtojbig JBIG BIE (compressed bitmap) JBIG
jpeg2ktopam pamtojpeg2k JPEG-2000 code stream JPEG 2000 codestream
jpegtopnm pnmtojpeg JFIF/JPEG/EXIF file JPEG
leaftoppm ppmtoleaf Interleaf Interleaf image
lispmtopgm pgmtolispm Lisp Machine format Lisp Machine Bitmap
pbmtolj HP LaserJet black and white graphics
ppmtolj HP LaserJet color graphics (PCL 5)
pbmtoln03 Dec LN03+ Sixel image
pbmtolps Postscript using lines PostScript
macptopbm pbmtomacp MacPaint MacPaint
mdatopbm pbmtomda Microdesign (for Amstrad PCWs) MDA
mgrtopbm pbmtomgr MGR format MGR bitmap
ppmtomitsu Mitsubishi S340-10 printer stream
ppmtompeg MPEG movie MPEG-1
pamtompfont Mplayer bitmap font MPlayer bitmap font
mrftopbm pbmtomrf MRF (compressed bitmap) MRF (Monochrome Recursive Format)
mtvtoppm MTV ray-tracer output MTV ray tracer bitmap
neotoppm ppmtoneo Atari Neochrome NEOchrome
pbmtonokia Nokia Smart Messaging Format (SMF) Nokia Operator Logo, Nokia Group Graphic, Nokia Picture Message
pamtooctave Gnu Octave image
palmtopnm pnmtopalm Palm pixmap Palm bitmap
pc1toppm Atari Degas .pc1 (compressed pi1) DEGAS image
pcdovtoppm Photo CD PCD overview file
pnmtopclxl HP PCL-XL (PCL 6) printer language
pcxtoppm ppmtopcx PC Paintbrush format PCX
pdbimgtopam pamtopdbimg Palm Pilot Image Viewer format Palm Database ImageViewer
pfmtopam pamtopfm HDRshop PFM (Portable Float Map) PFM (Portable Float Map)
Atari Degas DEGAS image
picttoppm ppmtopict Macintosh PICT PICT
pjtoppm ppmtopj HP PaintJet file
ppmtopjxl HP Paintjet XL PCL printer stream HP Paintjet
pktopbm pbmtopk packed format (PK) font PK font
pbmtoplot Unix plot file
pngtopam pnmtopng
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) PNG
pbmtoppa HP PPA (Printer Performance Architecture) printer stream
psidtopgm PostScript "image" data PostScript
pbmtopsg3 Postscript using G3 fax compression PostScript
pstopnm pnmtops Postscript PostScript
pbmtoptx Printronix graphics
ppmtopuzz X11 "puzzle" file Puzzle image (X11)
qrttoppm QRT ray-tracer output QRT Ray Tracer bitmap
rasttopnm pnmtorast Sun raster file Sun Raster
rlatopam Alias/Wavefront RLA and RPF RLA
rletopnm pnmtorle Utah Raster Toolkit (urt/rle) file Utah RLE
sbigtopgm Santa Barbara Instrument Group CCD file SBIG CCDOPS image
sgitopnm pnmtosgi SGI format SGI (image file format)
sirtopnm pnmtosir Solitaire Image Recorder file (MGI Type 11 or 17)
ppmtosixel DEC sixel format Sixel
sldtoppm AutoCAD slide file AutoCAD Slide, AutoCAD Slide Library
spctoppm Atari compressed Spectrum Spectrum 512 formats
spottopgm SPOT satellite image
sputoppm ppmtospu Atari uncompressed Spectrum Spectrum 512 formats
srftopam pamtosrf SRF (Garmin vehicle) SRF (Garmin vehicle)
sunicontopnm pbmtosunicon Sun icon Sun icon
pamtosvg Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG); trace image Scalable Vector Graphics
ppmtoterm Display PPM image on ANSI standard text terminal ANSI Art
tgatoppm pamtotga TrueVision Targa file TGA
thinkjettopbm HP Thinkjet printer stream
tifftopnm pamtotiff
ppmtouil Motif UIL icon file
vidtoppm Parallax XVideo JPEG
(not built by default)
wbmptopbm pbmtowbmp WAP (Wireless App Protocol) Wireless Bitmap WBMP
Windows icon file ICO
xbmtopbm pbmtoxbm X10 or X11 bitmap XBM
ximtoppm Xim Xim
xpmtoppm ppmtoxpm XPM format XPM
xvminitoppm pamtoxvmini Xv "thumbnail" picture XV thumbnail
xwdtopnm pnmtoxwd X11 window dump XWD
ybmtopbm pbmtoybm Bennet Yee "face" file YBM
yuvsplittoppm ppmtoyuvsplit subsampled raw Stanford MPEG YUV
yuvtoppm ppmtoyuv Abekas YUV format Abekas YUV
zeisstopnm Zeiss confocal file
pbmtozinc Zinc Interface Library icon
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