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File Format
Name NES Sound Format
Extension(s) .nsf

NES Sound Format (NSF) is an audio file format invented by Kevin Horton, to provide a way to transfer Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) music data. NSF files consist of the original music / sound code from a NES game and some header data.

While the original intention was to allow storage, transfer and playback of music / sounds ripped from NES games, the format has become popular with composers of chiptunes and many original compositions are now available.



Examples of NSF files can be found at:


Information on the NSF format can be found at:

Other information that might be of use:

Playback - Hardware

There have been a number of projects developing hardware NSF players

Playback - Software

There are a number of options for playing back NSF files, including both standalone players and plugins for popular media players such as Winamp.



DOS / Windows



Cross-platform / Other

  • Mesen-X - an accurate NES emulator, supports NSF, NSFE and EPSM in those.
  • Audio Overload plays back damn near everything (including NSF) and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • FlashNSF is, as the name suggests, an NSF player implemented in Flash. Also plays NSFE files.
  • Modizer is a module player app for iOS which supports NSF.
  • NoiseES is an iOS app supporting NSF, NSFE, GBS, VGM and SPC.
  • Nosefart offers two Linux versions, a DOS version, an XMMS plugin, a Winamp plugin and a CL-amp plugin.
  • tgxnsf is an NSF player for the PC-Engine / TurboGrafx 16. Binary and source available.

Composition Software

Conversion Software

NSF to X

X to NSF

Sample files

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