Max File Encryption

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File Format
Name Max File Encryption
Extension(s) .mfe,.exe
Released 2004

Max File Encryption (formerly X-EXE) by Softeza is a Win32 program that hides files in other files (generic EOF insertion), encrypts files and creates self-decrypting archives.

It supports archiving multiple files together in all modes.

It used RC4 from v1.1, RC6 from v1.7, and Blowfish from v1.8.

Several weaknesses have been found in the embedding part:

  • the carrier file contains key components of the program, such as the libraries and public key tokens used, and other artifacts
    • a large number of signatures
    • it is possible to identify key parts of the program source code
  • can recover the file size of the unmodified carrier (allows to estimate the size of the embedded content)


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