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File Format
Name Hide In Picture

Hide In Picture by Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo is an open source steganography program for DOS and Windows that hides any file in a BMP or GIF image file.

Files can be encrypted with Blowfish or Rijndael (AES)

Transparent color support - One color of the picture may be set as 'transparent'; nothing will be stored in areas of this color. This can be useful, for example, when hiding a file in an image from a Web page, as its transparent areas will remain as they were before. To retrieve a file hidden using this option, you must set the transparent color to the same used when hiding it.

With 256-color pictures, the process is a little more complicated, because the bytes in the picture do not represent color intensities, but entries in the palette (a table of at most 256 different colors). HIP chooses the nearest color in the palette whose index contains the appropriate least-significant bits.

The HIP header (containing information for the hidden file, such as its size and filename) and the file to be hidden are encrypted with an encryption algorithm, using the password given, before being written in the picture. Their bits are not written in a linear fashion; HIP uses a pseudo-random number generator to choose the place to write each bit. The values given by the pseudo-random number generator depend on your password, so it is not possible for someone trying to read your secret data to get the hidden file (not even the encrypted version) without knowing the password.


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