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File Format
Name FileMaker Pro
Extension(s) .fm, .fp3, .fp5, .fp7, .fmp12, others
PRONOM fmt/194, x-fmt/318, x-fmt/319, fmt/1059, fmt/1072, fmt/1237
Type Code FMPR, FMP3, FMP5
Wikidata ID Q832312
Released 1985

Filemaker is a relational database software application originally developed for Macintosh but later released for Windows in 1992. Owned and developed by Claris, an Apple Computer subsidiary.[1]

File Information

Early versions of the file format did not have an extension, as most Macintosh Classic files do not. Early Filemaker files have a string at offset 525 which can help in identification.

  • All files since FileMaker Pro 12 have extension .fmp12.[2]
  • FileMaker Pro 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 can be opened directly in current software.
  • FileMaker Pro 6, 5, 4, or 3 files will need to be converted to FileMaker Pro 11 before they can be converted to the .fmp12 file format.[3]
  • FileMaker Pro 2 or FileMaker Pro 1, must be convert to version 6 before they can be converted to 11.[4]
Version Ext. Header Year PRONOM
Filemaker Pro 1.0 HBAM2001MAY84 1990 fmt/1072
Filemaker Pro 2.0 .fm HBAM2001MAY84 1992 fmt/1059
Filemaker Pro 3.0 .fp3 HBAM2016AUG95 1995 x-fmt/318
Filemaker Pro 5.0 .fp5 HBAM2016AUG95 1999 x-fmt/319
Filemaker Pro 7.0 .fp7 HBAM2101OCT99 2004 fmt/194
Filemaker Pro 12.0 .fmp12 HBAM2125JAN11 2012 fmt/1237

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