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File Format
Name Easy CD Creator
Extension(s) .cl2, .cl3, .cl4, .cif
Released 1996

In 1996 Adaptec purchased Corel CD Creator and it was combined with Easy-CD Pro to form Easy CD Creator[1]. CD Creator software allowed the user to create a Data or Audio CD layout by adding files or music in order to burn a disc. This layout could be saved for later use. The layout only referenced the file location and not the files themselves. It appears most versions were not backwards compatible with the saved "layout" file[2].

File Identification

CL2-CL4 files are based on the Microsoft Compound File format[3]. All have similar internal structure. The second directory entry name is Contents, but the CL2 variant have zeroed Root storage object CLSID, whereas the CL4 variant use {A9C39302-770A-11D1-893F-00802964B632}.

Starting with CL4, Jewel Case/Label art is created in a separate application and saved as JWL files. Therefore files created in CL2 & CL3 cannot be opened in CL4.

CIF files are based on the RIFF format with type imag[4] and contain an ISO 9660 filesystem image.



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