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File Format
Name CP864
Wikidata ID Q1105762
IANA aliases IBM864, cp864, csIBM864
IANA MIBenum 2051
Code Page 864
CFStringEncoding 1049

Code Page 864 (CP864, DOS 864, DOS CP864, DOS Arabic) is an 8-bit character encoding. It is a member of the family of MS-DOS encodings intended for use with Arabic. The lower half is the same as CP437 (and ASCII), and the upper half has Arabic letters and a few other things such as box drawing characters and symbols, though not as many as in some of the other DOS encodings. Since Arabic is written right-to-left and bidirectional character support wasn't very well developed in those days, files in this encoding might be in "visual" character order rather than "logical", but one can never be sure. Several code points are unassigned, and one of these, A7, was later filled in with the euro sign in a new code page CP17248 based on this one.


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