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File Format
Name CP437
Wikidata ID Q1105757
IANA aliases cp437, 437, csPC8CodePage437
IANA MIBenum 2011
Code Page 437
CFStringEncoding 1024

Code Page 437 (CP437; also known as Microsoft Code Page 437, DOS Code Page 437, IBM Code Page 437, OEM 437, MS-DOS Latin US) is an 8-bit character encoding. It is a member of the family of MS-DOS encodings based on ASCII. It was widely used for English-language text on the MS-DOS platform, and is used by many formats and text files from that era.

The encoding is based on a set of glyphs that defines visible characters for nearly all of the available 256 code points. Often, some or all of the first 32 characters are replaced by the corresponding C0 control characters. Because of this, opinions differ as to the correct definition of "Code Page 437". In practice, it depends on context.

The MBBS and BBBS BBS software used the code IBM to refer to this encoding.


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