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File Format
Name BDV DataHider
Released 2004

BDV DataHider by BaDeVlad is a Win32 steganography program that can hide data inside a BMP, append a file to any other file, or hide data in the unused space of a floppy.

v2 functionality

It hides a single file or a text message and can encrypt it with a password

  • Steganography
    • can read jpg, bmp, ico, emf and wmf, but it is always saved as bmp
    • can choose 1-7 bits per byte
    • can shrink the image down to minimal size required to hide the data
  • Generic appender - can attach any file to any other file
  • Secret Diskette - hides data in unused areas of floppy

v3 functionality

  • adds Blowfish, Twofish, AES, Mars, Cast-256, and Serpent encryption
  • removes BMP steganography
  • can hide multiple files (and preserve folder structure) in any Secret Storage
  • Secret Storage in any file - generic appending
  • Secret Storage in any FAT/FAT32/NTFS drive (including USB) - not clear what it's doing ('Avoid creating "Secret Storage" on a FAT32 disks, because it can be detected in Windows Vista or later versions.')


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