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File Format
Name Adobe Type 1
Extension(s) .pfb, .pfm, .afm, others
PRONOM fmt/525, fmt/509
Released 1984

Adobe Type 1, also named PostScript Type 1, is an outline font format that was widely used. It is a member of the PostScript font family. It is sometimes called ATM font, in reference to the Adobe Type Manager software.

Type 1 fonts are supported natively by Windows 2000 through at least Windows Vista. Some older versions of Windows can use them if Adobe Type Manager is installed.

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A Type 1 font is usually composed of multiple files. The most common files are:

  • .PFB (Printer Font Binary): Glyph data
  • .PFM (Printer Font Metrics): Font metrics (binary)
  • .AFM (ASCII Font Metrics or Adobe Font Metrics): Font metrics (plain text)

Other files are often present as well. They may be OS- or application-specific, or contain human-readable information about the font and its licensing terms.

Sample files

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