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* [[Apple Intermediate Codec]]
* [[Apple Intermediate Codec]]
* [[AV1]]
* [[Cineform]]
* [[Cineform]]
* [[Cinepak]]
* [[Cinepak]]
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* [[FIASCO]]
* [[FIASCO]]
* [[InterVideo]]
* [[InterVideo]]
* [[JPEG XS]]
* [[Lotus ScreenCam movie]] (.scm)
* [[Lotus ScreenCam movie]] (.scm)
* [[MainConcept]]
* [[MainConcept]]

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File Format
Name Video



[edit] Introduction

[edit] Pure video formats

These formats are "monolithic" video formats, meaning that the file format and the encoding of the video data are tied to each other.

See also Graphics: Animated image formats.

[edit] Video container formats

These formats are only containers for video, which can contain videos in many different encodings (or even other data like audio)

[edit] Video stream formats

These formats are raw bitstream formats commonly contained in one of the above containers (but not necessarily)

[edit] Metadata formats

  • F4M (Flash Media Manifest)
  • SRR (reScene files)
  • SRS (reSample files)

[edit] Subtitle formats

[edit] Interactive media files

(generally accompany video streams and other multimedia, tying them together in a presentation or user-interaction as on a disc)

  • BDMV (Blu-ray disc files for user interactivity)
  • CLPI (Blu-ray disc clip info files)
  • MPLS (Blu-ray disc playlists)

[edit] Video Developer/Editor files

[edit] Video streaming services

[edit] Television broadcast formats

Also see Chyron for on-screen graphics.

See Radio for more details of how such broadcasts are transmitted.

[edit] 3D video

[edit] Uncategorized

These formats might eventually get sorted into the above categories, or might not quite fit in any of them.

[edit] Software

Refer to:

[edit] Links

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