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File Format
Name Zig Zag Ancient Greeks



Zig Zag Ancient Greeks was an educational game originally published by Longman Logotron and BBC Worldwide in 1996 for RISC OS systems. The object of the game was to complete a number of tasks related to life in an Ancient Greek town. The player's character wanders around an open area, entering locations where the tasks are situated.

Since there were many tasks to perform, the game provided an option to save progress to a file and load it again later. This page describes the format, based on the original notes for it.


The format used in The Greeks.


The files saved by the Greeks will have to contain information about the general setup of the program, the player, the environment, progress made, and the status of each location. An identifier, to specifically link the file to this program is also required.


The format is laid down as follows:

Header (unspecified length)
0 Word containing "ZZG"
4 General setup details such as volume,

help, and save path. Possibly include country information for students using the program with another language.

Game information
0 Number of tasks completed
Environment information
0 Player position (x coordinate)
4 (y coordinate)
8 Player direction (2 byte string)
12 Player animation frame
16 Number of static objects
Location information
0 Completed flag (0, 1 or 2)
4 Status
8 Number of objects
0 Object number (0-MAX_OBJ)
4 x coordinate
8 y coordinate
12 width
16 height
20 existence flag
24 falling flag
28 sprite name
Location specific information
0 Length of information (including this




It seems like the original software can still be purchased from CJE Micro's. The rights to the range of software from Logotron Ltd. were acquired in 2011 by Rickett Educational Media.

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