Windows 1252

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File Format
Name Windows 1252
Wikidata ID Q2736131
IANA charset windows-1252
IANA aliases cswindows1252
IANA MIBenum 2252
Code Page 1252
CFStringEncoding 1280
NSStringEncoding 12

Windows 1252 (CP1252, Windows-1252, Windows CP1252, Windows Latin Western, Windows Latin, Windows ANSI) is a character encoding used in Microsoft Windows systems, particularly English-language installations. It is one of the Windows encodings. It includes all the printable characters of ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) (plus the ASCII control characters of the C0 controls), as well as additional characters in the range 128-159, which in ISO 8859 is reserved for control characters of the C1 controls. It's often falsely claimed to be an ANSI standard.

Websites and e-mail messages often mistakenly use headers and parameters claiming a document or message to be in ISO-8859-1 when it actually uses characters that are part of Windows 1252. Bogus numeric character references in HTML, in the range of &128; through &159;, will also sometimes turn up, usually extruded by misbehaving web-authoring programs, when such references are intended by the standards to be Unicode code positions, not codes from a system-specific encoding. The Windows 1252 characters in this range, including curly quotes and apostrophes and the ellipsis, turn up often in Web documents and have proper codings elsewhere in Unicode. (But note that HTML 5 sidesteps this issue, by not really supporting ISO-8859-1 at all. Instead, "iso-8859-1" and many other encoding names are to be treated as aliases of Windows 1252.)


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