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File Format
Name Ventura Publisher
Extension(s) .chp, .gen, .pub, .sty, .gem, .vp, others
PRONOM x-fmt/156, x-fmt/57
Released 1986

Ventura Publisher was a desktop publication software package original built on the GEM VDI Metafile system by Digital Research. Distributed by Xerox until bought by Corel in 1993.

File Identification

Ventura Publisher versions 3-5 save its documents to the .CHP (Chapters) format, but also uses the following components:

Document File Extension
Captions CAP
Chapters CHP
Chapter information CIF
Frame tags file FRM
Generated text GEN
Graphics VGR
HPGL converter settings PRF
OLE object file VPO
Publications PUB
Style sheets STY
Width tables WID

Versions 7-10 use .VP to store the full publication including stylesheets and chapters. .VP is based on the Microsoft Compound File format.

Corel VENTURA versions 3 to 5 save stylesheets externally with the filename extension STY. Versions later than version 5 save the stylesheet as part of the publication file. If you are importing tags from version 3 to version 5 publications, open the stylesheet file. If you are importing tags from a version later than version 5, open the publication file. Frame tags in versions 4 and 5 publications are stored in a chapter file with the filename extension CHP.[1]



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