Universal Scene Description

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File Format
Name Universal Scene Description
Extension(s) .usd, .usda, .usdc
Wikidata ID Q60997373

Universal Scene Description is a framework developed by Pixar. Also known as Crate files. "It is a system for encoding scalable, hierarchically organized, static and time-sampled data, for the primary purpose of interchanging and augmenting the data between cooperating digital content creation applications."[1][2]

File Identification

USDA files are plain ascii, while USDC are binary files. USDZ is a container for the format in a ZIP structure, used by Apple for 3D and AR applications[3].

USD & USDA files are text files and begin with the ascii #usda 1.0
USDC are binary files and begin with the hex values 5058522D55534443 or PXR-USDC in ascii.

Sample Files


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