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File Format
Name Universal Disk Format
Extension(s) .iso
"UDF" redirects here. For another UDF format, see Softdisk Publishing UDF files.

Universal Disk Format (UDF) is a filesystem often used on DVD-ROMs (and other optical disc formats, such as Blu-ray Discs), but which is suitable for general purposes. Informally, it is the successor to ISO 9660. Discs containing both a UDF and ISO9660 filesystem are called a "UDF Bridge disc".

It uses little-endian byte order format, as people sometimes find out the hard way.

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Operating systems often include drivers for UDF. On Linux, a UDF image file can be mounted using a loopback driver (mount -r -t udf -o loop ...).

  • isolyzer is a tool that verifies if the file size of an ISO image is consistent with the information in its filesystem-level headers. This can be useful for detecting incomplete (e.g. truncated) ISO images. Supported filesystems include UDF (as well as ISO 9660, HFS, HFS+, and hybrids of all of these filesystems).


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