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File Format
Name UltraStar Karaoke

UltraStar Deluxe is a free open source karaoke game for your PC. The gameplay experience is similar to that of the commercial product SingStar™ by Sony Computer Entertainment, which is exclusively available for the Playstation®.

Unlike SingStar™, however, UltraStar Deluxe allows users to create their own songs and sing them on their PC.



Each song follows this structure:

  • one song per folder
  • Artist - Songtitle as folder name
  • song.txt as name for non-duet ultrastar song files
  • duet.txt as name for duet ultrastar song files
  • instrumental.txt as name for ultrastar song files with instrumental / no-voices audio file
  • audio.mp3 or audio.ogg as file name for the main audio file
  • instrumental.mp3 or instrumental.ogg as file name for the main audio file
  • video.mp4 or video.webm as file name for a small background video file
  • cover.png or cover.jpg as file name for cover files. 1:1 image ratio
  • background.png or background.jpg as name for the background image. prefer 16:9 image ratio
  • license.txt in every song folder is required, even if all the media data and lyrics are licensed as public domain.

Sample songs

Creation/Editing Software


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