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File Format
Name Timeworks Publisher
Extension(s) .dtp

Timeworks Publisher (Publish It! in the U.S.) is an early-1990s desktop publishing program for Windows published by Timeworks, released originally in the U.K. It used the extension .dtp, but its files were not compatible with PageMagic by NEBS, even though that program used the same extension. If you run the two words of the U.S. program title together, you might wind up with a Scunthorpe problem with dirty-word filters.

GST Technologies produced or licensed the DTP product to many other distributors, but all used the .DTP extension. Other notable titles include: PressWorks, Greenstreet Publisher, Compuworks Publisher, etc.[1][2]


File Identification

One way to distinguish Timeworks/Publish It! files from the similarly-named PageMagic files is that file detectors such as DROID may detect PageMagic files as OLE2 (Microsoft Compound File) container, while Timeworks/Publish It! files are not containers and will be identified as a signature if one exists.

Early .DTP files are simple binary files with headers beginning with "44 54 50 49" "DTPI" and ending with "45 4F 44 46" "EODF". Later files used the OLE2 (Microsoft Compound File container, but used the same binary signature within the container.

Sample files



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