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File Format
Name Timeworks Publisher
Extension(s) .dtp
PRONOM fmt/1415
Wikidata ID Q7806624
Released 1987

Timeworks Publisher (Publish It! in the U.S.) is an early desktop publishing program for DOS/Windows licensed to Timeworks Inc[1], released originally by GST in the U.K. It used the extension .dtp, rebranded later as Pressworks & PageMagic by NEBS, all using the same engine developed by GST Techonologies. GST was later merged with another company in 2001 to form GreenStreet Software[2]

GST revolutionised the DTP market in 1987 with a release of Timeworks Publish-it for DOS. In early 1994, GST rebranded its DTP software for Windows as Pressworks. These were superseded in July 1996 by upgrades to Pressworks 2, with a wealth of increased depth and functionality, trouble free installation under Windows 95, along with high levels of ease of use based around OLE 2 technology.

GST Technologies produced or licensed the DTP product to many other distributors, but all used the .DTP extension. Other notable titles include: PressWorks, Greenstreet Publisher, Compuworks Publisher, etc.[3][4]


File Identification

Early versions of .DTP, TimeWorks, Publish It, Pressworks files are simple binary files with headers beginning with "44 54 50 49" "DTPI" and ending with "45 4F 44 46" "EODF".

Sample files



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