TRON Application Databus

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File Format
Name TRON Application Databus
Extension(s) .tad

This is the file format used in TRON. The file can contain text (with its own character encoding), graphics (both raster and vector graphics), and other things, including specification of page layout, and application specific data (with a 48-bit application ID number).

Most of the available information about this file format is Japanese, and most of the known files also are Japanese.

A TRON archive file usually has extension .bpk. (Should there be a separate article?) The known files of this type uses a FIG segment, a DFUSEN segment with application ID 8000.c003.8000, and then a FIGEND segment. (The data of the DFUSEN segment of .bpk archive file seems to be compressed data, but I don't know what compression it uses.)


A small-endian TRON file will start by: e0 ff 06 00 00 00 02 00 21 01 (or at least the first two bytes will be). (This is a INFO segment; the first segment is always a INFO segment.)

After the INFO segment, usually the rest of the file will either be enclosed by a TEXT and TEXTEND segment or a FIG and FIGEND segment.

Sample files

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