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File Format
Name Student Writing Center
Extension(s) .lt, .jn, .nl, .rp, .sg
PRONOM fmt/1401, fmt/1402, fmt/1403, fmt/1404, fmt/1405
Wikidata ID Q100243722
Released 1993

The Learning Company (TLC) is an American educational software company, currently owned by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It produced a grade-based system of learning software and tools to improve productivity.

Student Writing Center combines full-featured word processing and easy desktop publishing with features to assist students in every step of the writing process. Macintosh OS & Windows versions released.

Student Writing Center has five different document types: Report, Newsletter, Journal, Letter, and Sign. Most document types share standard features, such as automatic page numbering and headers and footers. But each document type also has special features.

File Identification

All documents have the text TLC FF in the first 8 bytes of the header. Hex values 1A 54 4C 43 00 46 46 00.

The Letter format in Mac OS has Type/Creator as LTTR/SWCM

The little brother of SWC is the software Ultimate Writing & Creativity Center which uses a similar format for its word processor. It's documents uses the lowercase tlc ff for the header.




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