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00:55, 3 November 2019Doom-cheat-code-encryption-03.png (file)31 KBDan Tobias (Code for Doom cheat code encryption table)1
17:55, 2 November 2019Doom-cheat-code-encryption-02.jpg (file)46 KBDan Tobias (Diagram of bit-by-bit encryption technique for Doom cheat codes. By @foone, in a thread [ released by the author as CC0].)1
17:52, 2 November 2019Doom-cheat-code-encryption-01.png (file)4 KBDan Tobias (Code for encryption technique used in Doom cheat codes.)1
02:38, 12 May 2019Softdisk-family-tree.png (file)10 KBDan Tobias (Screenshot of Softdisk Family Tree program)1
03:50, 4 April 2018Ruled-note-paper.jpg (file)233 KBDan Tobias (Public domain: source
00:15, 20 February 2017Flowchart-311347 640.png (file)44 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
02:10, 18 February 2017Diskette.jpg (file)254 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
18:24, 16 October 2016Texas-fort-tank-background.jpg (file)325 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
23:35, 10 October 2016IMG 3766.JPG (file)226 KBDan Tobias 2
04:44, 10 October 2016Two-cows.jpg (file)547 KBDan Tobias (Public domain, source:
15:39, 27 March 2016New-england-farm.jpg (file)550 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
14:09, 17 January 2016Parts.jpg (file)506 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
01:21, 7 January 2016Resources.jpg (file)263 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
13:30, 10 December 2015Enterprise.jpg (file)28 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
18:03, 10 May 2015Networking.jpg (file)79 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
14:29, 18 April 2015Dozens-of-sockets.jpg (file)100 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
02:14, 31 March 2015Computer-memory-chips.jpg (file)483 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
01:35, 1 February 2015Corroded-pipelines.jpg (file)713 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
04:01, 30 January 2015African-net.jpg (file)484 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
22:36, 27 September 2014Newspaper.jpg (file)405 KBDan Tobias (Public domain: source
00:44, 25 August 2014Base64.png (file)6 KBDan Tobias (Sample of Base64 encoding. My own work.)1
01:52, 8 August 2014Multinational-moolah.jpg (file)1.13 MBDan Tobias (Picture of various currency and coins, taken by Dan Tobias at hotel in Zurich that had a donation box for an environmental cause that resulted in this variety of money. Released into the public domain by the photo-taker.)1
18:24, 15 February 20143d-puzzle.jpg (file)204 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
15:00, 1 February 2014Old-car.jpg (file)669 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
03:22, 18 November 2013Gavel.jpg (file)43 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
01:07, 25 October 2013Computer-electronics.jpg (file)90 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
03:17, 23 October 2013Usb.jpg (file)156 KBDan Tobias (USB connector. Taken by me; released into public domain (CC0).)1
01:20, 19 October 2013All Detective Magazine February 1934.jpg (file)62 KBDan Tobias (Public domain due to copyright not being renewed. Source:
22:06, 28 September 2013Meta-relative-motion.jpg (file)530 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
16:33, 28 September 2013Outdoor-cooking.jpg (file)479 KBDan Tobias (Public domain; source:
01:51, 16 September 2013Project.jpg (file)25 KBDan Tobias (Cropped from public domain image; source:
18:15, 14 September 2013HonusWagnerCard.jpg (file)287 KBDan Tobias (Famous valuable Honus Wagner card. Public domain due to age; source:
14:50, 14 September 2013Fingerprint.jpg (file)276 KBDan Tobias (Fingerprint. Public domain; source:
01:41, 23 August 2013Vericode.jpg (file)21 KBDan Tobias (Vericode bar code)1
00:28, 23 August 2013Uniscode.png (file)3 KBDan Tobias (Uniscode bar code)1
00:18, 23 August 2013Ultracode.gif (file)3 KBDan Tobias (Ultracode bar codes)1
03:37, 21 August 2013Trillcode.png (file)1 KBDan Tobias (Trillcode bar code)1
03:05, 19 August 2013Telepen-barcode.png (file)4 KBDan Tobias (Telepen barcode)1
22:04, 18 August 2013Supercode.gif (file)2 KBDan Tobias (Supercode bar code)1
01:24, 17 August 2013Barcode shotcode.png (file)15 KBDan Tobias (Shot Code barcode)1
00:45, 17 August 2013Snowflake.gif (file)1 KBDan Tobias (Snowflake bar code)1
12:39, 14 August 2013Secure-seal.jpg (file)5 KBDan Tobias (Secure Seal bar code)1
04:01, 13 August 2013RM4SCC.png (file)29 KBDan Tobias (Royal Mail 4-state bar code. Public domain; source:
03:43, 13 August 2013Quickmark.png (file)2 KBDan Tobias (QuickMark code, linking to File Formats Wiki)1
02:08, 13 August 2013Planet-barcode.png (file)928 BDan Tobias (PLANET bar code)1
12:34, 12 August 2013Plessey.png (file)580 BDan Tobias (Plessey bar code)1
03:33, 12 August 2013Pharmacode.png (file)4 KBDan Tobias (Pharmacode bar code. Public domain; source:
22:10, 11 August 2013Msi-barcode.gif (file)3 KBDan Tobias (MSI bar code)1
21:02, 10 August 2013MCode.gif (file)2 KBDan Tobias (mCode 3D bar code)1
04:14, 9 August 2013Korean-postal-authority-code.png (file)1 KBDan Tobias (Korean Postal Authority bar code)1

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