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File Format
Name Ray Dream
Extension(s) .rd3, .rd4, .rds, .d3d, .car
Type Code RD3F
Released 1989

Ray Dream Designer / 3D / Studio is 3D graphics software. Developed for the Macintosh in 1989, sold to Fractal in 1996, then to MetaTools/MetaCreations, merged with Infini-D and is now Carrara.[1][2]

File Identification

Ray Dream files can have extensions .RD4 for version 4 and .RDS.

Corel licensed the software around 1996 and bundled Corel Dream3D with its CorelDRAW suite, starting with version 6. Corel Dream3D files have the .D3D. extension but are the same file format.[3] Carrara files use the extension .CAR, but are also the same format.

All files have the header "33444320" or "3DC " in ascii. Followed by the software and version which produced the file. ie. "Ray Dream Designer(R) 3.0" or "Ray Dream Studio(TM) 5"

Sample Files


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