Propellerhead ReCycle Loop File

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File Format
Name Propellerhead ReCycle Loop File
Extension(s) .rcy, .rex, .rx2
Wikidata ID Q2068845

A Propellerhead ReCycle Loop File is an audio loop created with the ReCycle software from Propellerhead, the makers of the Reason audio studio software. It can alter the tempo of audio loops without changing their pitch.

The file format contains the audio data as well as any slice and effect alterations created with ReCycle. It is compressed in a non-lossy manner. Several versions exist:

  • RCY: Original ReCycle native document format designed to be loaded again in ReCycle
  • REX: Original ReCycle export format; designed to export to other applicatons
  • REX2 (RX2 extension): Version 2 Reason Studios REX2 Audio File; used both as the native document format and export format


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