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File Format
Name Picture Publisher
Extension(s) .pp4, .pp5, .ppf
PRONOM x-fmt/176, x-fmt/85, fmt/1360
Released 1990

Picture Publisher is a discontinued graphics application from Micrografx who purchased the product from Astral in 1991[1], later purchased in 2001 by Corel[2]. After the acquisition by Corel, it was supported briefly, then quietly phased out in favor of Corel Photo-Paint. This article is about its native raster graphics format which didn't exist until version 4. CorelDRAW supports all 3 formats, but not in the latest 64bit versions[3].


File Identification

  • PP4 - Picture Publisher version 4 file headers begin with a similar sequence as TIFF 49 49 02 01, and seem to have a TIFF marker later around byte 52. May be same format as MicroGrafx Crayola ART format[4]
  • PP5 - Picture Publisher version 5 file headers begin with 50 50 55 42 49 49 or "PPUBII" in ascii.
  • PPF - Picture Publisher version 6-10 files are based on Microsoft Compound File format, with a "Contents" file within the container with the same format as PP5 files.


  • XnView - Claims to support PP4, PP5.

Sample files



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