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File Format
Name MusicBrainz Identifier
Wikidata ID Q14005

The MusicBrainz Identifier is used by the MusicBrainz project (an online encyclopedia and database of music) as the unique identifier for each musical work, recording, artist, or other thing tracked in the database.

They are 36 characters long, in UUID format; an example is b1a9c0e9-d987-4042-ae91-78d6a3267d69, the MusicBrainz identifier for the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

They can be turned into URIs by prefixing the MusicBrainz server and resource type, like

Types of Identifier

Type URL prefix Wikidata ID Wikidata Property
Artist Q19832969 P434
Release Group Q116771641 P436
Area Q116771606 P982
Place Q116771640 P1004
Label Q116771632 P966
Work Q116771665 P435
Instrument Q116771616 P1330
Series Q116771663 P1407
Event P6423
Recording P4404
Release Q116779120 P5813
Genre P8052


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