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This is about the Microsoft Word template format. For the graph description language, see DOT (graph description language).
File Format
Name Microsoft Word template
Extension(s) .dot

MS Word Dot format is variant of the DOC format used in (pre-2007 versions of) Microsoft Word. It is nearly identical to the DOC format, but causes Word to treat it as a template rather than a standalone document, meaning that when you open it, make changes, and save it, it will not automatically save on top of the original file, but will prompt for a new filename to save to, in DOC format by default (though you can use other "Save-As" options to save as different things including DOT). The purpose is to save formatting templates to use as starting points for creating documents; for instance, you may have a template for business letters. In Word 2007 and later, DOTX is used instead, as the template version of the DOCX format. (Also, DOTM is a variant of DOTX supporting macros.)

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