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File Format
Name Microsoft Publisher
Extension(s) .pub
PRONOM x-fmt/252, x-fmt/253, x-fmt/254, x-fmt/255, x-fmt/256, x-fmt/257



Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing solution. It produces files with the extension ".pub". Note that this extension is shared by at least four different versions of the format:

  • Microsoft Publisher 98
  • Microsoft Publisher 2000
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher Template

File Identification

Publisher version 1.0 was a simple binary file format with the magic header: E7AC2C00

Publisher versions 2.0 and onward use the Microsoft Compound File format. Within the OLE container, the "Contents" file is similar to version 1, with the magic header: E8AC2200 (v2 - 2000) and E8AC2C00 (2002 - 2019)

Beginning with version 11 (2003), the OLE container started using the OLE "DocumentSummaryInformation" file format which contains a version number.


  • Publisher v1.0
  • Publisher v2.0
  • Publisher for Windows 95 (v3.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 97 (v8.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 98 (v8.5)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2000 (v9.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2002 (v10.0)
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 (v11.0)
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (v12.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010 (v14.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2013 (v15.0)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016/2019 (v16.0)

Pack and Go (PUZ files)

A Publisher feature permits the archiving of a document's files in a compressed archive format in order to move it to a different computer or send it to a commercial printing service; this uses PUZ files, which are actually Cabinet archives.

Sample Files


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