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File Format
Name Microsoft Project
Extension(s) .mpp, .mpt, .mpx
PRONOM x-fmt/243, x-fmt/244, x-fmt/245, x-fmt/247, fmt/440, fmt/725, x-fmt/232, fmt/342, fmt/343
Wikidata ID Q80336
Released 1984

Microsoft Project is Project Management Software.[1]


Format Description

Project files starting with Project version 4, are in the "OLE2" document container format. Project files do not appear to have moved to the later XML format like other Microsoft Formats and remain as OLE containers.

The format appears to remain the same since Project 2010, and newer saved formats can be opened in the older versions.[2]

An MPX or Microsoft Project Exchange file format (ASCII) can be exported for exchanging data with other PM software.[3]

Versions & Compatibility

Version Extension PRONOM
1.0 export MPX x-fmt/232
3.0 export MPX fmt/343
4.0 export MPX fmt/342
4.0 Project MPP x-fmt/243
95 (4.1) Project MPP x-fmt/244
98 Project MPP x-fmt/245
2000-2003 Project MPP x-fmt/247
2007 Project MPP fmt/440
2010+ Project MPP fmt/725

DOS vs Windows

Microsoft Project DOS files are very different from Windows files. Below is a from Microsoft Project 1.0 for Windows help:

The conversion utility that comes with Microsoft Project for 
Windows converts files from Microsoft Project for MS-DOS 
version 3.0 or 4.0 into files that can be loaded directly 
into Microsoft Project for Windows.    Because the 
functionality of the two products is not the same, some 
information may be lost or changed in the conversion 

Sample Files

Viewer Software


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