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File Format
Name LocoScript

LocoScript was the word processor bundled with the Amstrad PCW. There were four major versions for the PCW, and two for MSDOS.

At least in the PCW versions, the Amstrad CP/M Plus character set was used for the text portions, except that the C1 controls range was used for control codes (different ones from the C1 control standard, which probably didn't exist yet) instead of the graphical characters of the CPM/PLUS set.

Converting LocoScript Documents

Probably the most difficult problem with converting LocoScript documents into more readable formats is not the conversion process itself, but the fact that the majority of LocoScript files were stored on 3-inch floppy disks, which are now difficult to access. However, there are methods of transferring data if a working PCW is available.

  • LocoLink (and the later 'LocoLink for Windows') is a hardware / software combination that connects a PC parallel port to the expansion connector of an Amstrad PCW, and provides the software tools for both transferring LocoScript documents to the PC, as well as converting them to RTF or TXT formats. Note that the later PcW 16 has part of LocoLink built-in, and while this means documents can be transferred from an older PCW to a PcW 16 and then onto a PC, PcW 16 computers are few and far between, making this option unlikely.
  • A somewhat easier solution is to connect a 3.5-inch floppy drive to a PCW (another guide), transfer the documents from 3-inch to 3.5-inch media on the PCW, and then read the documents off the disks on a PC with 3.5-inch floppy drive. Instructions for adding a second drive are available, and there are programs such as 22disk and CP/M copier (listed as CPM.EXE) which can read 3.5-inch media created on a PCW.
  • There is also software that runs on a PCW, enabling it to read and write to 3.5-inch MSDOS floppy disks. One such program is Moonstone Computing's PCW 2-in-1.


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