Amstrad CP/M Plus character set

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Name Amstrad CP/M Plus character set

The Amstrad CP/M Plus character set, sometimes also called the PCW Character Set, was used with the CP/M Plus operating system on Amstrad 8-bit computers: the CPC, PCW and Spectrum +3. It was a variant of ASCII that assigned printable renditions to the entire 8-bit character code space from 0 to 255, including control characters, though such controls (e.g., the C0 controls) were also used as control characters, which could make it hard to type them when you're intending to use them in their graphical form.

Various accented characters, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters were included, as well as line-graphics characters (which were in the C1 controls range). LocoScript version 1 used this character set but used the C1 control range for control codes.


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