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File Format
Name Kodak
Extension(s) .kdc, .dcr, .k25, .tif
PRONOM fmt/192

Kodak was once a very important photographic company who manufactured the first digital SLRs, as well as creating Kodachrome, the first practical colour film. This page will document some of the formats used by Kodak cameras, with options for converting them into standard formats.



K25 format was used by model DC25. High resolution pictures are 140,352 bytes long and Standard resolution is 77,888.

KDC (DC-Series)

This is a format generated by the Kodak DC40, DC50 and DC120 cameras. dcraw is able to convert these files. It can also be converted into TIFF format by kdc2tiff. Kodak has a tool on their site that may help to convert these files, but it's only known to run on Windows 95 and other obsolete operating systems.

KDC (P-Series)

Apparently, the .kdc file extension was used for two Kodak raw image format families with little in common. The newer format is used by Kodak EasyShare P-Series, Z-Series, and probably other models.

It is superficially a TIFF-based format, but the full resolution image (in the sub-IFD of the first IFD) relies on custom TIFF tags. Standard TIFF viewers may display a full-size but lossy-compressed image.

A possible way to identify it is by the presence of TIFF tag 64772 in the sub-IFD.

The JPEG-compressed image in the first IFD may contain FlashPix data (FPXR segments) per the Exif specification.


This is another proprietary format, used by old Kodak DCS digital cameras. NikonWeb Kodak DCS File Converter for Windows should be able to read these files, as should dcraw.

It is based on TIFF. The full-resolution image is in one of the sub-IFDs of the first IFD. A possible way to identify it is that it uses Compression code 65000 in an IFD or sub-IFD.


Kodak uses the ICC profile format for color profiles designed to optimize printing in Kodak inkjet paper. See here and here for downloads.


Despite the name, Kodak TIFF files are proprietary, and will not open in most image editors. NikonWeb Kodak DCS File Converter for Windows and dcraw should be able to convert these files.


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