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Iconvert is a DOS program for converting raster graphics file formats. It was developed by John P. Michalski and Infinity Engineering Services, around 1987-1990.

Its name is misleading, as it does not have anything to do with icons.

Supported formats include CompuServe RLE, Doodle! (C64), FONTASY, a Newsroom format, NewsMaster (see PrintMaster), MSP (Microsoft Paint), and other more common formats like PCX.

Ed. note: Iconvert is not easy to use, but because it can write some rarely-supported formats, it could be useful for research purposes.


Note: Some versions will refuse to run if DOS reports a version number higher than 3. v1.49 would not run under DOSBOX even after changing reported DOS version to 3 with VER set 3 nor did applying the patch help.

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