ISO 8859-15

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File Format
Name ISO 8859-15
IANA charset ISO-8859-15
IANA aliases ISO_8859-15, Latin-9, csISO885915
IANA MIBenum 111
Code Page 923, 28605
CFStringEncoding 527
Released 1999

ISO 8859-15 (or Latin-9) is a minor variant on ISO 8859-1, intended as a replacement for that encoding as a standard for use in most Western countries. A few lesser-used characters of the earlier encoding are replaced with ones deemed more useful at present, with the most significant addition being the euro sign, placed at position A4 (hex) in this encoding (its Unicode position is 20AC). It replaces a "generic currency sign" at position A4 of ISO 8859-1 (and still at position 00A4 of Unicode, which doesn't shift its character positions with the fashions of the day).

This set, though it solved a pressing issue of Europeans not being able to represent their currency in what was at one point the dominant character encoding, has not been much used, since by now forward-thinking developers are using UTF-8 instead, which includes the euro sign among many other characters.


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