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File Format
Name IPS manifest
Extension(s) .p5m, .mf

Image Packaging System (IPS) manifest (.p5m) is a text file that defines the contents of an IPS package. It is part of the IPS software originally created for OpenSolaris and now used in Oracle Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, OmniOS and other descendants of OpenSolaris.

The process of building an IPS package starts with a simplified manifest file, to which tools are applied to fill in default values (pkgmogrify), add automatically determined dependencies (pkgdepend), and then add the hashes of the files in the package (pkgsend). The initial simplified manifest can be created manually, or generated by pkgsend from a SVR4 format package, a tarball, or a prototype directory hierarchy.

Manifest files are published as part of the package to either a online package repository or an IPS archive (.p5p) file.



Files are in a plain text format, with one line for each action in a file, representing a file to install, a directory to create, users or groups to add to the system, dependencies on other packages to verify, or metadata to store with the package. The first entry in a line is the type of action, the rest of the line is a series of key=value pairs for that action.



Sample files

Source manifests (before processing):

Complete manifests (after processing):


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