Graphic Workshop self-displaying picture

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File Format
Name Graphic Workshop self-displaying picture
Extension(s) .exe
Released 1991

Graphic Workshop self-displaying picture is a family of raster graphics formats associated with the Graphic Workshop lines of image processing software from Alchemy Mindworks.

It is in the form of a DOS or Windows 3.x EXE file that displays the image when executed. Quite possibly there are newer formats as well, but more research is needed.

The DOS format was introduced in Graphic Workshop 6.0.

The Windows 3.x format was introduced in Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1h. Note that Graphic Workshop for Windows also supports the DOS format.


Undetermined. For DOS EXE format, a software name like "GraphicWorkshop 7.0" or "GWS/Windows 1.1u" appears at offset 541.


In Windows versions of the format, the image may be stored as a standard BITMAP resource, so it can be read by any suitable resource viewer software.

Sample files

  • GWSWN11U.ZIP → gwswn11u.exe → CLICKME*.EXE (Windows 3.x format)
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