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File Format
Name GRASP font
Extension(s) .set, .fnt

GRASP font is a bitmap font format associated with the GRASP animation software. Some GRASP GL archive files contain one or more GRASP font files.

See GRASP GL for more information about GRASP, and related formats.

It appears that there is a second GRASP font format, that is significantly different from the one that is documented. We'll call the documented format "original format", and the other format "new format".


Format details

Original format

Files have a 7-byte header with no identifying signature, followed by the glyph bitmap data. See the Links section for documentation.

New format

This is a partial decoding of the format, based on reverse engineering and guesswork.

Offset Type Description
0 byte Always 0x10?
1 byte[13] Font name / filename, terminated by a NUL byte
16 byte Number of characters in the file. The maximum allowed might be 94.
19 byte Glyph physical pixel width
20 byte Glyph pixel height
21 byte Number of bytes per row in a glyph bitmap (?)
25 int16 File size
59 int16 Unknown (not a pointer to the bitmap for the space character, logical as that would be)
61 int16[94] Table of glyph bitmap offsets, relative to the beginning of the file
249 byte Unknown; possibly the width of a space character
250 byte[94] Table of glyph logical pixel widths

Character codes are approximately ASCII, with the first character in the tables being ASCII 33 ("!").

Each glyph's bitmap, as stored in the file, is the same size. The "widths table" tells how many columns are meaningful.

Sample files

Original format

New format


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