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File Format
Name Frost message XML

Frost message XML is uploaded to Frost message URI and can be received as a message by the said programme.


  • FrostMessage
    • MessageId
      • CDATA with hexadecimal message id
    • InReplyTo
      • CDATA with the CSV list of messages to which this one is a reply to
    • IdLinePos
      • Decimal integer with the line number where the new content of the message starts (the identifier position)
    • IdLineLen
      • Decimal integer of the length of identifier line
    • From
      • CDATA of the nick of the person who has written the message
    • Subject
      • CDATA of the subject of the message
    • Date
      • CDATA of the date in the format YYYY.M.D (single digit months and days are kept as single digits
    • Time
      • CDATA of the time of the message in the format HH:MM:SSGMT
    • Body
      • CDATA of contents of the message


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<FrostMessage><MessageId><![CDATA[55B8FD62B1B598F69AD3DF018AC65A3771D8D2D65E60249E9DD74F91AF03C4A8]]></MessageId><InReplyTo><![CDATA[92E07373E5E3454099123D18B3AF037BA3FD2A9C6BF6CDB4DB6051E1F57B8360,E803C877846F23C6AFEB995494FCD8CB3728100BDA449A5E2F15E98FD39E2E2D]]></InReplyTo><IdLinePos>735</IdLinePos><IdLineLen>53</IdLineLen><From><![CDATA[Anonymous3]]></From><Subject><![CDATA[Re: Mirroring FMS boards to Frost]]></Subject><Date><![CDATA[2009.2.18]]></Date><Time><![CDATA[00:23:39GMT]]></Time><Body><![CDATA[----- Anonymous ----- 2009.02.17 - 20:32:38GMT ----- 

Is it possible to mirror FMS boards to Frost (or the other way round)? I would very much like that, because after a couple of extremely desperate attempts, I have not managed to compile nor have I managed to get working the pre-compiled executable of FMS. 

Pretty please. Anyone? 

----- Anonymous2 ----- 2009.02.17 - 21:03:07GMT ----- 

That is unlikely to happen until Frost can poll FMS-type queues.  If Frost could be eventually modified to use the Freetalk plugin being developed, accessing FMS posts might then be more practical. 

From the other end, there would be little point to modifying FMS to read current Frost queues because of vulnerability to spam and DoS attacks. 

----- Anonymous3 ----- 2009.02.18 - 00:18:19GMT ----- 

It could be done if someone wanted to write the code and run it on their node inserting FMS posts into Frost.  Don't think anyone is going to spend the time to do that ;) 

You are better off asking for help in the FMS board to get it working.]]></Body><Board><![CDATA[frost]]></Board></FrostMessage>
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