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Frodo is a free Commodore 64 emulator written in C/C++.

Emulated hardware

  • Frodo is capable of running most games and demos correctly, even those with FLI, FLD, DYCP, open borders, multiplexed sprites, timing dependent decoders, fast loaders etc.
  • 6510 emulation: All undocumented opcodes, 100% correct decimal mode, instruction/cycle exact emulation.
  • VIC emulation: Line-/cycle-based emulation, all display modes, sprites with collisions/priorities, DMA cycles, open borders, all $d011/$d016 effects.
  • SID emulation: Real-time digital emulation (16 bit, 44.1kHz), including filters (only under BeOS, Linux, HP-UX, MacOS and AmigaOS).
  • 1541 emulation: Drive simulation in directories, .d64/x64 or .t64/LYNX files, or processor-level 1541 emulation that works with about 95% of all fast loaders and even some copy protection schemes.
  • Other peripherals: Keyboard and joystick (real joysticks (only under BeOS, Linux and AmigaOS) or keyboard emulation).


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