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File Format
Name Desktop Entry
Extension(s) .desktop, .directory
Wikidata ID Q11693986
Released 2007

A Desktop Entry provides a name, an icon and a description for an application, a link to a web page, or an applications menu submenu. Keys can be localized by putting the POSIX locale in brackets after the key name, e.g. Name[fr]. They are typically found in /usr/share/applications/ and its local counterparts. It uses an INI-like syntax. It was originally developed by KDE, but has been adapted by for use on other desktops.

Most Used Keys

  • Type – Either Application, Link or Directory.
  • Name – Name of the application/web page/submenu.
  • GenericName – E.g. "Text Editor".
  • Icon – Either a path to an icon or a name of one in /usr/share/icons/.
  • Exec – The program to execute in case of type Application.
  • URL – The URL of the web page in case of type Link.

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