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File Format
Name FrameMaker
Extension(s) .fm, .bk, .toc, .doc, .book
MIME Type(s) application/vnd.framemaker
PRONOM fmt/539, others
Released 1986

FrameMaker is a document processor application, originally produced by Frame Technology Corp. but later bought by Adobe and released as Adobe FrameMaker. It is used primarily for creating technical documentation; it is of the genere of "document processors", similar to word processors and desktop publishers but specifically designed to create and maintain structured documents.

A FrameMaker 4.0 book consists of a .BK file along with one or more .TOC (table of contents) and .DOC (document) files. Later versions (e.g. 6.0 and 7.0) use the .BOOK extension.

Definitions of elements within a FrameMaker document are found in the Element Definition Document (EDD), normally embedded in the template.

For FrameMaker's MIF format, see Maker Interchange Format.



Version PRONOM
2.0 fmt/533
3.0 fmt/534
4.0 fmt/535
5.0 fmt/190
5.5 fmt/536
6.0 fmt/537
7.0 fmt/538
8.0 x-fmt/302
9.0 fmt/539

Sample files

Version 4.0

Software and Program Code

30-day trial versions of FrameMaker 7.0 are available which can open files back to at least version 4.0:

The documents can then be converted to various formats (Word 6.0, HTML, etc.), but the most faithful reproduction of the original formatting can be achieved by printing to a PDF printer (FoxIt has a free one for Windows).


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