Embedded Vector Editor

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File Format
Name Embedded Vector Editor
Extension(s) .eve, .eve.exe
Released 2001

Embedded Vector Editor (EVE) is a vector graphics editor for 32-bit Windows. It was developed by Barry Kauler. It was promoted as having a small executable file size.

It has an associated .eve vector graphics format. It also has an "embedded" format (.eve.exe) that seems to be essentially the editor's executable file, with an .eve file concatenated to it.

EVE was originally closed-source freeware. The source code for v3.56 (2003) was released in 2011.

There is also an enhanced version of EVE named EVE Web Edition or EVE WE, which was (originally) commercial software.


Format details

There are at least 3 different EVE file formats:

  • Compressed - old
  • Compressed - new (or "LZP")
  • Uncompressed


Compressed EVE files: The last 12 bytes of the file consist of 0xff (old compression) or 0xfe (LZP compression), then 7 0xff bytes, then the file size (or for .eve.exe format, the size of the embedded part) as a 4-byte little-endian integer.

Uncompressed EVE files: Undetermined.


Sample files

  • Some example files are included in the software distribution.
  • Example files for all the formats are included with the source code.


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