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ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), or Esri, is a company that develops geospatial software. There are many data formats named after it, or associated with it.

Related formats

Format Extensions PRONOM LoCFDD Refer to
ESRI Arc/Info Binary Grid .adf x-fmt/218 fdd000281 ESRI ArcInfo Grid
ESRI ArcInfo ASCII Grid .asc fdd000421 ESRI ArcInfo Grid
ESRI MapInfo Data File x-fmt/225
ESRI Arc/Info Export File .e00, ..., .x00 x-fmt/226 fdd000291 E00
ESRI MapInfo Export File .mif x-fmt/231
ESRI Arc/View ShapeFile .shp x-fmt/235 fdd000280 Shapefile
ESRI Arc/View Shapefile Index .shx fmt/277 fdd000280 Shapefile
ESRI ShapeFile DBF .dbf fdd000326, fdd000280 Shapefile, DBF
ESRI Arc/View Layer File .lyr ArcGIS Layer
ESRI Arc/View Project v2.x .apr x-fmt/317
ESRI Arc/View Project v3.x .apr fmt/332
ESRI Spatial Index File .sbn, .sbx fmt/319
ESRI Shapefile Projection (Well-Known Text) .prj fmt/320
ESRI Shapefile Header Index .aih fmt/321
ESRI World File Format .tfw, .*w fmt/367 World File
ESRI World File / Spatial Data Transfer Standard .ddf, ... fdd000286
ESRI ArcInfo Coverage .adf, .rat, .sec, .pat, .txt, .nit, .dat, .dir fdd000284
ESRI GridFloat Output File .fit, .hdr fdd000422
ESRI Arc Geodatabase fdd000293
ESRI Geodatabase (File-based) .gdb fmt/990 fdd000294
ESRI Geodatabase ArcSDE fdd000329
ESRI Geodatabase XML .xml fdd000295
ESRI ArcMap Document .mxd fmt/916
ESRI ArcScene Document .sxd fmt/988
ESRI ArcGlobe Document .3dd fmt/989
ESRI Code Page File .cpg fmt/1253
ESRI Published Map Format .pmf fmt/1366
Band Sequential Image File .bsq fdd000289
Band Sequential Image Encoding fdd000306


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