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File Format
Name DrawPlus
Extension(s) .dpp, .dpx, .dpa, .smf
PRONOM fmt/827, fmt/852, fmt/853
Released 1993

Serif DrawPlus is a vector graphic program. DrawPlus X8 released in 2015 was the last version, replaced with the new Affinity software. DrawPlus saves its documents as .DPP (Drawing) , .DPX (Template) or .DPA (Animation) files (for Stopframe and Keyframe animation modes).[1] Drawplus X3 and above can also export into a Serif MetaFile (.SMF) format.[2][3]


File Identification

DrawPlus version 1, or Intro, file headers begin with "V{DrawPlus Picture V1 DP"

DrawPlus version 2 file headers begin with "V{DrawPlus Picture V2 DP"

DrawPlus version 3-X2 files are based on the "OLE2" document container format.

DrawPlus version X3 onward uses newer <SerifXML> file format.[4]

Serif skipped DrawPlus X7 and went straight from X6 to X8.[5]

Version Extension Year Container PRONOM
DrawPlus Generic DPP OLE fmt/1528
DrawPlus 1 DPP 1993 Binary
DrawPlus 2 DPP 1993 Binary
DrawPlus 3 DPP 1996 OLE fmt/827
DrawPlus 4 DPP 1998 OLE fmt/852
DrawPlus 5 DPP 2000 OLE fmt/853
DrawPlus 6 DPP 2001 OLE fmt/1519
DrawPlus 7 DPP 2003 OLE fmt/1520
DrawPlus 8 DPP 2006 OLE fmt/1521
DrawPlus 12 (X2) DPP 2007 OLE fmt/1522
DrawPlus X3 DPP 2009 ZIP fmt/1523
DrawPlus X4 DPP 2010 ZIP fmt/1524
DrawPlus X5 DPP 2011 ZIP fmt/1525
DrawPlus X6 DPP 2013 ZIP fmt/1526
DrawPlus X8 DPP 2015 ZIP fmt/1527

Sample Files



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