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File Format
Name Dirpatch
Extension(s) .zip

dirpatch by KeyJ (Martin Fiedler) is a Python script that can generate a patch file to change a directory structure from one state to another

This tool receives two checksum lists and writes all necessary operations (and files) to turn a directory that represents the 'old' state into one that represents the 'new' state. The use case and raison d’être for this is for travel images: The participants of the travel group receive a dump of the raw data at the end of the journey, but one person is going to clean things up, rename, move and edit images, add title cards and so on. He or she can do so by generating a checksum file of the state the other participant(s) got, perform all changes, generate a new checksum file from the final state, and use the script to generate a .zip file with the delta. The recipient(s) then unpack the .zip file into the image directory, start a Unix shell or Windows batch script that’s contained therein, and the directory contents are turned into a mirror of the organizer’s final state within a second.


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