Digital Theater Systems

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File Format
Name Digital Theater Systems
Extension(s) .dts
LoCFDD fdd000232
PRONOM fmt/973
Wikidata ID Q44299010

Digital Theater Systems (DTS) is a company (which has changed ownership several times in mergers and acquisitions) that produces various systems for compressed audio, both for use in theaters and in consumer devices. It is in competition with Dolby in these areas. Of particular interest in the area of file formats is the DTS Coherent Acoustics (DCA) codec, commonly used in DVDs (though not part of the original DVD spec, so DVDs must also include tracks in other formats to be played if DTS/DCA is not supported, as with older DVD players). The DTS logo is often seen in the credit screens of DVDs to indicate use of the format.

DTS-HD is one of its variants, a lossy compressed audio system.


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