DiamondWare Digitized

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File Format
Name DiamondWare Digitized
Extension(s) .dwd, .dwm
Wikidata ID Q104828093
Released 1994

DiamondWare Sound Toolkit[1] was an SDK for the creation of sound files used in games in the early 1990's by Keith Weiner & Erik Lorenzen[2]. Sold through MVP Software.


Format Information

DWD (sounds) & DWM (music) are propriety formats for Diamondware's SDK[3][4]. They seem to be derived from VOC and MIDI[5].

  • DWD files begin with the ascii DiamondWare Digitized
  • DWM files begin with the ascii DiamondWare Music

Format Details

DWD Specification[6]:

       Byte #  Description
       ------  -----------
       00-22   "DiamondWare Digitized\n\0"
       23      1A (EOF to abort printing of file)
       24      Major version number
       25      Minor version number
       26-29   Unique sound ID (checksum XOR timestamp)
       30      Reserved
       31      Compression type (0=none)
       32-33   Sampling rate (in Hz)
       34      Number of channels (1=mono, 2=stereo)
       35      Number of bits per sample (8, 16)
       36-37   Absolute value of largest sample in file
       38-41   length of data section (in bytes)
       42-45   Number of samples (16-bit stereo would be 4 bytes/sample)
       46-49  *Offset of data section from start of file (in bytes)
       50-53   Reserved for future expansion (markers)
       ??-??   Future expansion (heed the 2 offsets, above!)


Sample files


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