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Name Date Based Redirect

Date Based Redirect (or DBR) was a mechanism in Freenet 0.5 to allow people to publish changing sites. This mechanism does not operate in current 0.7 version.

DBR operated in the following way:

  • Initial insert
    • At this stage of the process the author inserts a block describing the future inserts of the site. A very important part at this time is the choice of the schedule of future versions. The schedule must be predictable and done on a stable interval. That is because internal keys of future sites are generated from the timestamp of the promiced upload.
  • Following inserts
    • On the following inserts the author must explicitely specify which of the promiced slots one is inserting. It is (of course) not necessary to insert on the exact timestamp when the upload was promiced, but the users will begin to be redirected there at that exact time (so inserting earlier was a good strategy).

It should be noted that if the regular inserts stop, then the site will become practically inaccessible.

DBR was often used by index freesites, which collect links and changes to other sites, and therefore can change regularly. Other content, like freenet blogs (known as flogs) usually just used SSK sites.

Today DBR is no longer used and USK approach has replaced it, since it doesn't require uploads when nothing has changed.

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